Best Thanksgiving Events In Southern California


If you are wondering what to do for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, why not considering a plan that includes a California getaway over the four-day weekend? We have compiled a few ideas here at All Star Van Rental, and would love to help you out for some much-needed rest, relaxation, and turkey during this wonderful

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Why renting a 15 passenger van is the best decision you can make this fall


Are you looking to get a group together for some time to get away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life and enjoy a much-needed getaway to a place of some peace and quiet? Well, November is your time to take action for that much-needed relaxation. Don’t wait, book your 15 passenger Van

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Must See in San Diego


San Diego is a gorgeous city! So while you may be planning to leave us and check out some of the surrounding areas, make sure to spend a few moments here experiencing everything this city has to offer you.. You will find something for everyone with its plethora of beaches, art studios, museums, gardens, restaurants,

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The 2 Week Great American Road Trip


Looking for your perfect American Dream Road Trip? Well look no further, we have you covered here at San Diego Van Rentals. Below we have come up with an amazing 2-week itinerary that will help you achieve a mix of excitement and relaxation. San Diego to Yuma 2.5 Hours 1 Night While you have some

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3 Must See Wineries in Valle de Guadalupe!


Are you looking for the perfect getaway, but only have a short time to do it? Well, look no further! This heavenly paradise is only 1.5 hours from San Diego, and your All Star Van will get your there quickly and safely. Valle de Guadalupe offers you a broad spectrum of things to enjoy, like

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Mission Trips to Mexico


Discover your spiritual side in Mexico! Mission trips can last anywhere from a few days to multiple years. Mission trips were created to bring people of faith to others to spread the word of God. Mission trips are usually to other countries where that faith is not widely practiced. Churches will organize these mission trips with

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All Star Van Rentals San Diego


All Star Rent A Van: A Local Business Here at All Star Rent A Van, we've always had one goal. To provide San Diego with the best customer service and quality in the Rent-A-Van market. We are proud to say, for over the last decade we have been doing just that. Thanks to our customers

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All Star Rent A Van: 15 Passenger Van Rental San Diego


15 Passenger Van Rental San Diego Large group travel is a real headache. Everyone has seen Home Alone or has had a personal experience trying to organize large groups for travel. That's why when you think 15 passenger van rental San Diego...think All Star Rent A Van. We offer the best 15 passenger van rental San

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