Discover your spiritual side in Mexico!

Mission trips can last anywhere from a few days to multiple years. Mission trips were created to bring people of faith to others to spread the word of God. Mission trips are usually to other countries where that faith is not widely practiced. Churches will organize these mission trips with young people mostly taking up the calling to spread the word of God.

Because Mexico is part of North America, it makes those in the United States an easier destination to get to rather than other countries.  Getting to a city in Mexico can be as quick as a few hours especially when driving a rental van.  This is especially helpful when the costs of travel, food, and lodging falls upon the person going on the mission. Fundraisers and sponsorship’s from family and friends can help in paying for the trip. The cost a rental van is usually much less expensive than a flight to a country in Asia, Africa, or South America.

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Once there, the options to serve are varied. It used to be that missionaries would have to have extensive theological training to go on a mission.  This changed in the 1960’s and many felt that as long as a person had the passion in their faith to share to others, this was just as effective as having a theological background.

Besides sharing one’s faith, there is other purpose in a mission trip.  This can include work such as construction, teaching, or medical help. There are many orphanages in Mexico as well as areas that do not have easy access to services. Having a rental van, the mission trip can easily bring with them supplies for the work that needs to be done. Construction equipment like tools, medical supplies, teaching supplies as well as missionaries own food and water can easily be brought in the van that was used to get to the mission.

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Besides having a passion for faith, a missionary should have the knowledge and sensitivity to other cultures of the country they are traveling to. By partnering with a local church in Mexico, the mission trip will offer an experience rich in cultural history and community. It is important not to undermine the local ministry. Many mission trips occur in third world countries where there may be a rich culture but poor in what many Americans see as basic daily needs in water, electricity, food, and clothing. An understanding and open mind are needed when traveling to some of the destinations of a mission trip.

mission trips mexico

Meaningful relationships can grow with those on the trip with you and those you meet at your destination. Being together in a rental van can help everyone gain a better understanding and develop closeness with those you’ll be on the mission trip with.  One can’t help in close quarters but feel the welcoming love with all the people around as you share your journey together.

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