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What type of license is required to drive a van?

So you’re visiting San Diego and you have decided that the best way to move around this beautiful city is in a rented van.

Congratulations! You’ve made the right choice.

With its amazing museums, gorgeous parks, incredible nightlife, exciting events, and world-class entertainment, San Diego is full of things to see and enjoy, and while public transportation is always an option, nothing is more convenient than renting a van so you can explore San Diego and its surroundings at your own pace.

Now that you’ve chosen to rent a van in San Diego, you may be wondering: Do I need a special kind of driving permit to drive a passenger van?


Types of Passenger Vans & Their Requirements

The biggest difference between types of passenger vans is the number of people they can transport: Smaller ones can transport anywhere from 6 to 8 passengers, while the biggest ones can transport up to 15 passengers and their belonging.

Van rental companies, like All-Star Rent a Van, tend to focus exclusively on the larger types, offering passenger vans that can comfortably transport anything between 11 and 15 people plus their luggage.

These large vans tend to be considerably larger and heavier than your average vehicle, but still much smaller than any bus out there, which means that you usually don’t need any special kind of permit to drive them. If you’re renting a van with All Star Rent a Van, a regular driver’s license will do the trick.


What do I need to rent a van with All-Star Rent a Van?

Our 11, 12 & 15-passenger vans all have the same requirements. To rent one of our vans, you need:

• To be older than 25
• Driver’s license
• Proof of liability insurance

Each van rental can have up to 2 additional drivers, and they too need to meet the previous requirements. If you’re renting more than one van, you can have three drivers in total for each van.


What Payment Options are Available?

We have multiple payment options available for our van rentals: Cash, check, credit card, and debit card.

For cash payments, we only accept USD, and the full payment must be done when you first rent the van.

For check payments, we accept regular checks, traveler’s checks, and VISA checks; regardless of the kind, you need to pay the entire cost of the van rental service in advance, as check payments need to be cleared at least 4 days before your arrival for the reservation to go through.

A check’s failure to clear will result in the cancelation of your reservation.


What kind of vans does All-Star Rent a Van offer?

All-Star Rent a Van offers a fleet of Ford E-series and Transit vans at a competitive rental price, as well as the ability to drive past customs and into Mexico.

Get a free quote online, or give us a call to have one of our agents help you with your reservation!