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Renting a 15-Seater to Travel to Mexico

One of the best things about San Diego’s proximity to Mexico is that you can always drop by for a quick visit without having to bother with expensive plane tickets to take you there. Walking across the border is a popular option, albeit one with limitations, and if you plan on going further than Tijuana, you can always take a car instead.

If you plan to drive from San Diego to Mexico, there are some questions you want to address: Do you have all the paperwork needed? Is your car fit for the journey? Can your vehicle even cross the border?

Because of these questions and more, many people opt to rent a van to travel to Mexico, and if you’re in this camp and you’re looking for the right company to help you, then look no further than All-Star Rent a Van.


Why Should You Rent a Van to Travel to Mexico?

The short answer? Convenience.

All-Star’s fleet of large passenger vans is regularly maintained and kept in the best shape to ensure our clients enjoy a safe and comfortable travel experience. They’re also fully authorized to leave the country and travel to Mexico, meaning once you rent one of our 15-seater vans, you won’t have to worry about any extra paperwork to go south of the border.

At All-Star Rent a Van, we offer options for 11, 12, and 15 passengers and their luggage, making us the perfect choice for those wanting to travel as part of a group without having to bother with coordinating multiple cars, something that’s already complicated enough when visiting San Diego, nevermind traveling to another country.

Not only does renting a 15-seater to travel to Mexico ensure your comfort, but it also allows you to visit more destinations. Forget visiting only Tijuana; with a rental van, you can travel to natural reserves, colorful towns, remote beaches, and more, making a trip to Mexico all the more memorable.


Renting a van from All-Star Rent a Van

To rent one of our vans, you only need to be older than 25, have a valid driver’s license, and have proof of liability insurance. If you have all that, then all you need to do is book your van, pay for the rental van, pick it up, and get driving.

You can make your reservation by phone, online, or in person, and you can pay in cash, credit or debit card, and checks. Payments can be made in advance or at the time of arrival, though check payments must be cleared in full at least four days before your arrival.

Each van can have up to two additional drivers, provided they’re all older than 25 and have a valid driver’s license and proof of liability insurance.


The Best Value

We take pride in providing the best value for your next van rental. We guarantee to match or beat any competitor’s prices in San Diego. Saving money is essential to any trip, and All-Star Rent A Van is here to help you make your trip more affordable.